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Our machine learning platform

Lightning fast business impact

  • One-click deployment and business impact
  • Productivity & performance enablement

  • End-to-end collaboration platform

  • Team-oriented – beginners to experts
  • Code-based and visual workflows
  • Depth for data analysis

  • Native 3rd-party and custom ML assembly
  • Augmented analytics: guided to full automation
  • Full transparency and governance

  • Secure, easy to trust, fine tune and explain
  • Detect bias and drift
  • Our machine learning integration process

    At, we approach challenges using an artificial intelligence integration process during which we define, run, educate, act, and measure, or DREAM, in five phases.

    D R E A M
    Define the business problem Build machine learning models Show how insights can be made actionable Use insights to inform decision points (human or applications) Close the learning loop by measuring the incremental benefits of the implemented solution (e.g., ROI)
    Transform business levers into modeling data Deploy models onsite or on hosted cloud servers Train users on how to interpret and act upon modeling output
    Identify roles (users, customers and other stakeholders)
    How do our models get integrated?
    A closer look at how we integrate
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    We translate your toughest questions into data-driven opportunities