Data Science Staffing

newData differentiate itself by offering both permanent and temporary engagements. You may choose between US-based onshore and offshore staffing option. Our recruiters specialize in data science, database management, data visualization, and software development. Currently, we offer international recruitment location in India. 

In general, the biggest advantage of offshoring is cost savings (labor, real estate, and taxes).  The next advantage to offshoring is access to a much larger talent pool and a wider network of knowledge. Some potential drawbacks of offshoring include being on different time zones (but, sometimes this is an advantage when work continues when offices in the US are closed), having different depth of language and communication styles. In some cases, offshoring may limit the complexity of work that can be done due to Intellectual Property (IP), regulatory (i.e., PHI and PII) concerns.

Let’s begin the process! Please give us some information about your ideal candidate and the roll that s/he will perform. Our survey allows you to specify your location preferences and various levels of detail about the role.

We search deep to find amazing data science talent